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    HiSeis is a leading international seismic services company that specialises in cost-effective, high-definition seismic reflection techniques utilising the latest equipment and technology. Our integrated services cover design, acquisition, processing and interpretation and include custom designed 2D and 3D survey methods along with Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) and Full Wave Sonic (FWS) borehole logging. 
    HiSeis provides end-to-end high-definition seismic services focusing on hard rock exploration and in particular exploration around existing mine sites and mine life planning. With our technology and expertise we are able to target: 


  • Gold, Copper, Nickel, Uranium, Lead and Zinc, Hydrogeology

  • Geotechnical studies/overburden definition

  • Resolve ambiguities in the Geological architecture by understanding location and continuity of structures


    2D Seismic Transect Across the Bullabulling Gold Prospect, West Kalgoorlie, WA

    Through combined innovative technology and the know-how from industry experienced personnel we can, for the first time, produce reliable and quality seismic images of hard rock environments that will fast track discovery and improve life of mine planning.
    We offer a significant Seismic Acquisition Capacity with a variety of sources including vibroseis trucks, explosives and accelerated weight drops.




  • "The information seismic surveying give us is unparalleled technically in my view, let alone providing, on a bang-for-buck cost basis, a very, very good data set for the money that you spend"....“With the first drill hole into the 3D seismic data set we made a new discovery - the very first hole - and we've now drilled eight holes into it and we haven't missed it in a single hole”  Miningnews.net 24 Aug 17, Bill Beament (Exec Chairman - Northern Star). Click here for full article
  • “The value we get from using the 3D seismic has been absolutely tremendous in terms of, moving forward, how much value we are deriving from our exploration spend,” “It’s just such a compelling value proposition for all mining companies.”  Quote from Diggers & Dealers 2017, Shaun Day (CFO - Northern Star). 
  • "Another innovation is the 3D seismic survey carried out at the site last year. This exploration tool is not one commonly used in hard rock mining and is more popular in the oil and gas industry. AngloGold is one of only a handful of mining companies to use the method in Australia. The resulting dataset is of a high quality and has been interpreted to create a structural model that has facilitated cost-effective planning of deep drill holes as well as providing important geotechnical and structural information." Kalgoorlie Miner Interview with Michael Erickson, Senior Vice President AngloGold Ashanti. 3 Aug 2015.
  • "At Plutonic we have done some 3D seismic work which others have spoken about honing expenditure and targeting. We’ve done 3D seismic and we are getting some early analysis back on that. This data lasts for a very long time; you can keep referring back to it and it’s a great investment for a lot of people. You will see the use of 2D and 3D seismic become more and more prevalent in the gold sector. We did a 2D seismic line at Pegasus in the Kundana belt, and the historic view is that in very steeply dipping structures you don’t get a lot of information, but the early signs from the 2D seismic at Kundana will probably lead us to do a 3D as it very very clearly showed the structures and enhanced the targets that they are drilling"  Northern Star COO, Stuart Tonkin, Feb 2015.
  • "Significantly the 3D seismic survey maps the location of both known fault/vein systems as well as a significant number of other faults likely to host epithermal veins. This is potentially a breakthrough technology to map complex fault and vein systems and together with other geologic parameters directly target parts of the fault likely to host gold mineralisation.


    The current and planned drill programmes are the critical test in enabling Evolution to compress the timeframes for new discoveries around Pajingo and Cracow through the use of 3D seismic."

    Evolutuion Mining Quarterly Report,
    30 Sep 2014

  • "Northern Star used the seismic method with great success to map deep structures down plunge from the mineralisation at Paulsen’s gold mine resulting in a new orebody being discovered.

    Seismic can map structures at depth and we anticipate utilising it extensively in our newly acquired operations in Western Australia. These operations have been consistent producers over time but to continue extending mine life’s as mining progresses to greater depths will need additional tools on top of traditional methods. We see seismic as one of the tools in our arsenal which will significantly extend the life of these assets."

    Bill Beament, Managing Director, Northern Star Resources Ltd. Aug 2014

  • "Asia Iron Australia found HiSeis Pty Ltd to be very professional in how they conducted their business from first engagement throught to the review of the completed deliverables. Field Services were carried out in accordance with all appropriate safety considerations for the working conditions and environment, as well as complying fully with Asia Iron Australia's policies and requirements.

    Preliminary data from the first part of the test line was made available within a very short turn around which allowed Asia Iron Australia to make the decision to extend the survey to the 5 other planned lines."

    Calem Smart, Project Geologist, Asia Iron Australia, July 2014.


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