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end to end seismic hard rock exploration services

HiSeis provides end to end high definition seismic services focusing on hard rock exploration, and in particular; exploration around existing mine sites and mine life planning. Our proposition is to enable investors and owners to better appreciate and plan the exploration and development of subsurface mineralization. Market demand has been demonstrated through delivering either a beta version of the service or full commercial service to clients and sponsors.

We are able to overcome many of the historical challenges associated with the application of seismic techniques to hard rock environments, and we can deliver on key customer requirements for the service.

With our intimate knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of seismic imaging and a holistic approach to the image production process we can deliver a previously unattainable result to your organisation.

HiSeis applies a unique combination of novel data acquisition equipment, innovative data processing algorithms and proprietary know how in seismic survey design and interpretation. We are able to deliver results in complex geological environments where conventional seismic has previously been an expensive waste of time.

HiSeis Executive Director, Don Pridmore
Seismic Data



    "A high-resolution 3D seismic survey has now been completed over a 21 square kilometer area surrounding the Neves-Corvo mine. Preliminary results have clearly imaged the major Semblana deposit, verifying the effectiveness of this new tool in the search for blind massive sulphide deposits"

    Lundin Mining news release to the Toronto stock exchange. July 21, 2011


    "As a result of a high-resolution 3D seismic survey completed earlier this year over a 21 square kilometer area (by HiSeis), several new exploration targets near the Neves-Corvo mine were identified. Seismic clearly indicated a southerly extention of the Semblana deposit and a new copper sulphide deposit south of Semblana"

    Lundin Mining News Release to the Toronto stock exchange. December 15, 2011


    "Based on 3D models created using recently acquired seismic data, 2 new diamond drill holes were planned, each planned to drill to a minimum depth of 600m. A new prospective ultramafic-amphibolite sequence identified below the current deposit and further significant intersections from existing deposit were discovered"

    Announcement from Bullabulling Gold Limited to the ASX, September 6, 2012 and October 30, 2012.

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HiSeis Technology was acknowledged with a A$2 Million Early Stage Grant from Commercialisation Australia, an Australian Government Initiative. The company is a technical spinoff from Curtin university and has been offering full commercial services since 2009.