Extracts from Evolution Mining's March 2014 Quarterly Report

May 15, 2014

"Evolution’s strategy is to refine exploration targeting to bring forward discovery in a timely and cost effective manner and includes: 

  • Application of oil and gas exploration technology (seismic) in the gold industry – thinking like scientists
  • 4D studies (integrating geological time) – unravelling the geological evolution of mature fields to determine
  • potential areas of gold enrichment 
  • Continual assessment of acquisition and joint venture opportunities 
  • Driving exploration efficiencies – e.g. real time management of data (performance management)"

"The drilling completed at Pajingo (three holes), Cracow (five holes) and Mt Carlton (three holes) in the prior quarter did not return ore grade intercepts but provided proof of concept that the seismic can be used as a direct targeting tool at Pajingo and Cracow, which has justified commencement of our 3D seismic programs."