Northern Star Praises HiSeis Imaging

Mar 13, 2015

At the 2015 Explorer's Conference, Northern Star COO, Stuart Tonkin, described seismic's ability to image steeply dipping mineralised structures....

"At Plutonic we have done some 3D seismic work which others have spoken about honing expenditure and targeting. We’ve done 3D seismic and we are getting some early analysis back on that. This data lasts for a very long time; you can keep referring back to it and  it’s a great investment for a lot of people. You will see  the use of 2D and 3D seismic become more and more prevalent in the gold sector. We did a 2D seismic line at Pegasus in the Kundana belt, and the historic view is that in very steeply dipping structures you don’t get a lot of information, but the early signs from the 2D seismic at Kundana will probably lead us to do a 3D as it very very clearly showed the structures and enhanced the targets that they are drilling”.